Baxter Inn and Bulletin Place – Two Institutions of Sydney’s Bar Scene

Baxter Inn and Bulletin Place – Two Institutions of Sydney’s Bar Scene

I say goodbye to Brisbane and let myself be caught up by Australia’s largest city. Famous for its laidback lifestyle, Sydney impresses with its harbour flair and photogenic opera house. Sydney’s bar scene is legendary, from speakeasy-style to dive bars. I start with two institutions of the Sydney bar scene, which have been convincing with their concepts for years and enjoy worldwide renown: Baxter Inn and Bulletin Place. 

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Baxter Inn – You will find around 800 bottles of whisky!

What you can look forward to at the Baxter Inn is plenty of whisky! Around 800 bottles of whisky from all over the world can be found on the shelves behind the ten-metre-long bar.


The Baxter Inn is an atmospheric cellar bar and is tucked away in an unobtrusive alley. An absolute must for whisky lovers.

First of all, it is not easy to find this place. Hidden in an unobtrusive alley, you have to descend basement stairs and open a heavy metal door. What awaits you is whisky, whiskey and again whiskies. Your eyes have to adjust to the darkness at first, but then all the charm of the location is revealed. It has the vibe of an old pub, very cosy. Although it was very packed, the service was friendly and attentive. The drinks were superb and I loved watching the bartender climbing the scrolling library ladders to reach the well-stocked back bar. An unexpected experience.

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Bulletin Place – Quality and consistency of its standards since 2012

Sustainability is not a trend in Australia, but a fixed components part of the gastronomy concepts. At Bulletin Place, you can enjoy cocktails made from seasonal ingredients fresh from the market.

What you can look forward to at Bulletin Place is a daily changing menu created by different bartenders using the best seasonal produce.

Follow the staircases and you will find yourself in a small and intimate venue. Homey, “hyggelig” and the size of a shoebox, are the three descriptions given to me by the three bartenders on duty. The focus is on great and seasonal drinks. Each day the cocktail list behind the bar changes using the best produce of the day from the market. Prep time starts around noon, the doors are open at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The bar has won numerous awards but has not lost its comfortable atmosphere, unlike other famous bars. It is a relaxing place without airs and graces.


Hospitality is not just about saying a friendly Hello and filling up your water. It’s about taking care, taking the customer seriously, answering (stupid) questions and paying attention to the small details.

For example, if you don’t drink fast enough, you get a new chilled glass. The bar team at Bulletin Place is amazing. If I lived in Sydney, I would be a regular. One big extra, the music is not as unbearably noisy as is often the case at other places. Australian hospitality at its finest. Bulletin Place’s recipe for success: Quality and consistency of its standards since 2012.

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