Coda Dessert Bar – They are open!

Coda Dessert Bar – They are open!

No brands, no labels and, most of all, no boredom.

The Coda Dessert Bar had already impressed me after my first visit. So visiting the bar for the official opening was a must. They opened the Bar on Wednesday without making a song and dance about it, quite  in keeping with their rather modest ethos.

I found a place at the bar and some popcorn and nuts in front of me. The popcorn is made of dehydrated pigskin with caramel; crunchy and sweet. The nuts are salty and get their fine fish flavour by the addition of dried bonito. The music was understated and relaxed, so the perfect end to a hard working day.

This time I started with the cheese dessert from the menu – Cironé : Carrot Greens : Cashew. On the plate you find rye crackers, Cironé cheese and a cream made from carrot greens. The finish to the dessert, its last ingredient, is always done when it is served. A smoking pot arrived at the bar. A powder of cashew nut milk with Earl Grey frozen in nitrogen completed the dessert. The cheese reminded of mountain cheese, had sweet and nutty flavours and was a perfect match to the cashews. But the most sensational thing was the Kirin Vintage 2014 Sake, which complimented the cheese perfectly. In addition to that, the cool nut powder melts on the tongue… you have to taste it for yourself. Each dessert comes with a small card with the ingredients. A business card and souvenir simultaneously, again, a really well thought-out concept.

I continued with spicy flavours and tasted a cocktail with gin, strawberries and capers. The drink has neat gin, fruity strawberry and then the saltiness of the capers. Julian described the drink as a “happy accident”. Capers were left overs from the pairing workshops and not used in the desserts. In the desserts and drinks you will never find the same ingredients, you will find the same taste or the flavour family, or whatever, I’m not an expert. Anyway, capers suit the cocktail very well.

Ready for a sweet dessert. Jasmine ice-cream with adzuki bean paste, cherries and popped amaranth in matcha, came together with tequila, sherry and a rich cherry flavour. Refreshing and fruity and again delicious. I almost reached my goal to try all the dishes. There was just one dessert missing, but I stuck with my favourite. Eggplant, or better the pecan with sherry. I wasn’t previously aware of the pecan flavour in sherry. After my favourite from the dessert menu, I opted for my favourite cocktail. Beetroot, raspberry and licorice finished the night. I had a wonderful and entertaining evening.

The staff remain subtly in the background. The compositions entertain the guests and the guests exchange their experiences.