Collage Art & Cocktail Social Club – Cosy mix and match

Collage Art & Cocktail Social Club – Cosy mix and match

This place is a collage of a bar, a gallery and a social club. The interior is also a mix of the style of old Spanish bars, the 50s and some vintage furniture. Sounds a bit chaotic? It’s not. Everything is well arranged, and you will find a beautiful and cosy mix-and-match. The mezzanine floor contains the vintage seating area with a piano. Downstairs is the well-stocked bar with six seats. On the walls you will find endless drawings by local artists.

My seat is always at the bar, where the magic happens. The colourful tiles give the 50s feeling. Right after I had found my seat, in front of me was a big glass of water with a light cucumber taste, and the menu. The cocktail range is from classic to scientific. I would say, this is a more experimental approach. The essences for the drinks are homemade and taste very natural.

I was craving for a classic Boulevadier. They serve it barrel-aged and well-balanced. I really love vermouth, and Spain is an El Dorado for those who are in love with it. The bartender offered me a glass of his own vermouth. He made a hundred bottles in Tuscany. Very delicious with a nice spiciness.

It was time for the signature drinks: I was curious about the cannabis bitters. They are, of course, homemade and find their place in Don’t call the Police. First sip was not very spectacular, but the aftertaste was exactly like the smell of cannabis. Funny drink. Next concoction was the Fizz de la Maison No 4, a very healthy drink and less boozy. Turmeric has been known as a very strong antioxidant in India for thousand of years and is becoming very popular at the moment in Europe. Cucumber provides freshness and Gin is liquid sanity.

         After visiting this bar you really feel healthy, happy
and not at all high.