Creps Al Born – In love with their smile

Creps Al Born – In love with their smile

El born is the district of artists and fashion. It is famous for the best tapas restaurants and bars. It is, indeed, a very charming neighbourhood that you just have to experience. You will find a place, where bartenders serve unpretentious cocktails along with their best smiles. The lamps swing to the rhythm of the music. A place to have fun, sip a drink, and listen to funky music.

In the beginning this was just a crepe place, but it became more and more a bar. Crepes and cocktails, a good combination. After we left Paradiso bar, we went around the corner and decided to enter through a small door. The place was packed, but we got the last two seats straight at the bar and a warm welcome. Although it was full, the atmosphere was relaxed. The motto is: “Tequila is cheaper than therapy”. The interior is a mix of the wild west, the fifties and a bit of Mexico. The decoration is lush and there is a lot to discover. After the sophisticated drinking at Paradiso, this place felt uncomplicated and easy, and so were the bar staff: professional bartenders from all around the globe with the most charming smiles.

They serve classics and innovative creations. Tropical and fruity, fresh and citrus, deep and bitter are the categories of the small menu. The drinks have their own twists. I opted for a deep and bitter cocktail. “Le Chat Noir” is a barrel aged concoction of Rye, Dubonnet, and Campari, flavoured with white truffle and Angostura. They don’t make better drinks, just different ones. My company tried a classical “Martinez” and was pleased with her choice.

The music was very entertaining and each time a favourite song of a bartender was played, they started to push the lamps. We had a great night, too many drinks, but the hospitality and the kindness of the bartenders were outstanding. Although it was packed, we got some cocktail shots, vermouth, and at the end of the evening, many useful recommendations for the rest of our stay. This is the right place for a tasty crepe, an unpretentious cocktail, and a long party night.

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