CLOSED – Borsalino – Hats off to fine spirits

CLOSED – Borsalino – Hats off to fine spirits

The name Borsalino stands for individual and handcrafted hats. Borsalino is also the name of a new bar in Athens. Their slogan fits very well: „Hats off to fine spirits“. Ioannis Korovesis is the bar manager, and I had already met him this spring in Thessaloniki. He is a memorable character and is always perfectly dressed like a gentleman. Furthermore he is the founder of the bartending website

I was curious to see his new project. Just before I left Berlin, I read a report about the German bartender André Zauner, who moved to Athens. Funnily, I bunped into him the day before at Baba Au Rum. We sat next to each other at the bar, watching the amazing Remy Savage behind the stick. André told me, that he has a Jägermeister scholarship for half a year. He deliberately decided against the famous cocktail cities such as London and Paris, and opted for Athens. I think he will find out soon, that he is now in THE cocktail city per se. I can only congratulate on his decision.

The next day, I was on the way to discover this new bar. Close at Baba Au Rum, opposite the bar Noel, Borsalino can be found at the corner. The space can be viewed from all sides through the big windows. There is a large outdoor seating area in front of the bar and additional seats between windows and bar. A bit like an open air bar. The bar counter, shiny and coloured black, catches the eye immediately on entering the bar. But what caught my eye first, was the spirit shelf. It is located in the middle of the backbar area and accessible from all sides. There is not much space behind the bar, but everything looks very organised. I was there on a Friday and like in many bars in Athens, a DJ played music. Today it was the well-known DJ Yiannis Stefanakos, who is also responsible for the bar’s whole musical concept. The bar was packed. There are also comfortable seating areas inside, intimate corners and beautiful lighting. Black and gold are the predominant colours, giving the bar an intimate and very stylish character. 

  People should have fun here, this is one of the goals. Delicious drinks, and food, are of course the main focus of this bar. With a special touch, seasonal, local and handmade. Unique, like the hats.

We are in a Mediterranean region, the home of aromatic fruits and herbs, which find their place in the drinks. well thought-out concept and a very nice cocktail presentation. Nuts are served in small tin cans, water is a matter of course like everywhere. Everything is perfect down to the smallest detail. I take my hat off to this great performance.

Throwing, rolling, my favourite technique is everywhere in Athens. I love it, when the bartender pours the drink from one side to the other.