Hideaway Bar – Japanese-style Cocktails in Düsseldorf

Hideaway Bar – Japanese-style Cocktails in Düsseldorf

It is well known that Düsseldorf is home to Germany’s largest Japanese community. More than 8,400 Japanese live in the city and shape the Little Tokyo district. This makes Düsseldorf the number one Japanese location in continental Europe. Almost 600 Japanese companies can be found in the Düsseldorf metropolitan area and often their European headquarters are even located here. A Japanese-inspired bar in Düsseldorf is obviously a no-brainer, or is it? Join me on a sip to Hideaway Bar.

As the name suggests, Hideaway Bar hides behind an unobtrusive entrance in the less frequented Jahnstraße, within walking distance of Little Tokyo. The speakeaseque flair of the bar conveys exclusivity and a bell on the door guarantees the personal welcome of the host. The bar hardly advertises and word spread through word-of-mouth.

Hideaway has a Speakeaseque vibe hidden behind an unobtrusive entrance at Jahnstraße. It serves Japanese style cocktails and tasty bar bites.

When I arrived in Düsseldorf, I started a conversation with the barista while visiting a coffee place. I enjoy coffee and cocktails and so did the barista. We talked about bars and he recommended the recently opened Hideaway. And now for a big reveal – drumroll – you will find Irish coffee on the menu. Far too few bars in Germany offer their guests Irish coffees and that’s a pity.

Let’s spill the tea here | Why to go and what to drink

I would describe the interior as a cappuccino colour. Exposed sandstone, dark wood and leather give the feeling of a cellar bar. The bar counter is square with a good view of what is happening behind it and the bartender also has a perfect view of the room. There are tables for larger groups and there are a few seats in the back area. However, as always, guess where you will find me: that’s right, straight at the bar.

My first visit was on a Sunday – a good day for me to go to a bar. My first drink of choice was the Irish Coffee. Cocktails are prepared by Yuto Nagasawa, a professional bartender fresh from Japan dressed in a white bar jacket. So you can expect perfect hospitality and precise work from hand-carved ice cubes to glassware. Yuto also has an excellent understanding of drinks. If a drink is not on the menu, he quickly formulates it in his head and creates a tasty result. So a visit brings real joy and a lot of relaxation. The selection of spirits was limited at the beginning but is now currently growing and the drinks come from all categories. The bar is based on the drinking preferences of the guests. There are tasty bar bites available like oysters and steak tartar – a nice detail.

What to order? Definitely an Irish Coffee. They are made using a special coffee technique and an impressive fire show.

The Irish coffee is prepared here in a very special way using the siphon method and comes with a small fire show because the whiskey is lit impressively. By the way, coffee preparation by vacuum in the flask has been enjoyed since at least 1830. The preparation in the coffee siphon is not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the senses. This is because it combines the principle of complete dissolution of the coffee powder in water with a paper filter. Thus, the coffee has a lot of body, while at the same time, you can clearly taste its flavours. A great base for the drink. The coffee, whiskey, sugar and cream are just meant to be together. I love the velvety texture on my lips, the creamy fresh taste before the boozy warm potion kicks in. Here’s how home bartenders can master this liquid pleasure.


The menu is a nice mix of classics and those that come from a Japanese recipe book (Official HBA Bartenders Book). Check the menu for all drinks on the menu.

Bars are always a matter of taste and mood. But this place deserves a place on my bar list because it gets better and better each visit. Finally! A place to enjoy high-quality Irish Coffee.


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