Square Bar in Düsseldorf – Squared. Quality. Cocktails.

Square Bar in Düsseldorf – Squared. Quality. Cocktails.

Düsseldorf is currently my new city of choice. What do I particularly like about this city of 620,000 inhabitants? It is idyllically situated on the Rhine, it is culinary and delicious, and it is punk and posh at the same time. Düsseldorf is a city of fashion and art, cool and cordial. Düsseldorf is not Berlin, it is rich and sexy. The city has impressed me with its colourful bar world. Join me for a few drinks at Square Bar – a place that hit me right in the heart and my taste buds.

The name of the bar corresponds to the shape of the room. It is a location with history: the small square room was once a butcher’s shop. The tiles date from that time and give the bar a Mediterranean vibe. After that, it was a coffee shop, the fading old lettering of its name, Othello, can still be guessed at when the window is wet. But since 2013, it has been Square Bar that has been located between the two archways. It is filled with exciting cocktail creations and has a focus on quality, accompanied by refreshing cucumber water and salted pretzels.

Inside the 30-square-metre bar you will find old style paired with contemporary bartending methods – Classic bar culture with a twist of humour.

Square Bar spreads cosiness – candlelight provides atmospheric lighting, so a living room atmosphere is guaranteed. The mood is supported by a beautiful carpet, flower-patterned bar stools and various furnishing elements. I would guess that around  40 people can fit in the room. There are a few high tables with seating along the walls and, if it gets crowded, there’s standing room. You will find a small outdoor area in front of the bar with a fairytale flair for the warmer days.

David Rippen and his Bar Team – Stylish understatement and great kindness.

Why do you go to bars? Why do I go to bars? It’s not just about having a drink, it’s about feeling welcome and special. That’s why every good bar visit starts with a friendly greeting. It’s as simple as that.

David Rippen, the man behind Square Bar, learned his trade from scratch and is a well-known and popular face in the cocktail scene. He has a very good reputation as a bartender and consultant  for various bar concepts in the region. He is a startender without airs and graces, likeable and down to earth. Recently, he has been named the most innovative bartender by the Falstaff Barguide 2023. Innovative recipes, creative drinks and home-made ingredients end up in his glasses. So at Square Bar you will find all kinds of fresh, dried and pickled ingredients decoratively stored in jars and bottles. Rippen uses modern bar techniques – maceration, infusion, sous-vide cooking – and teases out the very best aromas from the raw ingredients.

The bar team inspires with the high art of not taking everything too seriously – especially not themselves. The guests, on the other hand, come first at Square Bar. But what makes a good host? Being professional, paying attention to detail, cleanliness and having a friendly nature. In this, Rippen is supported by his wonderful bar manager Lucrezia Mascheri. And on some days you’ll find Max Bergfried, the maker of Little Tokyo Gin, behind the counter. A visit to Square Bar is always surprising and simply fun – especially after a hard day at work, it is absolutely recommended. There are good bars and there are great bars like Square Bar.

Fancy drinks also need a fancy bar menu.
Cocktails are friends – At Square Bar they are listed with their ingredients, likes and dislikes in a friends book.


The ever changing menu always surprises with new taste experiences. Boredom is out of the question! In addition to flawlessly mastered classics, adventurous creations with goat’s milk are also on offer. Der Goat Father was one of my first drinks and combines tequila, goat’s milk, mango, thyme and lime. An incredibly tasty and well balanced drink, unfortunately no longer available. But at least every 6 months there is something else to excite the taste buds. At the moment I am a big fan of HAY YA – a creative twist on a Gimlet with Junmai Sake, blue poppy seed eau de vie, homemade hay syrup and lemon. David Rippen’s team conjures up creative classic drinks with their own seasonal creations. I have tried a few drinks from the menu and have to say, ingredients are seamlessly stitched together to make the guests happy.

By the way, Rippen now also has the LIQ Bar. I’ve already scheduled a visit. I’m curious, and pretty sure it will be fun. But that will be a new story. Square Bar on Instagram.