Einraum Cocktail & Wein Bar – Living room feel-good atmosphere in Worms

Einraum Cocktail & Wein Bar – Living room feel-good atmosphere in Worms

__________ reopened in new location in Worms

Nice bars do not have to be necessarily in big cities. Did I ever tell you about that little place back home? Maybe you already noticed some Instagram posts. Join me on a sip to Einraum Cocktail & Wein Bar located in Worms. A famous city for its cathedral and Nibelungen Saga and now also for a serious cocktail bar.

The name Einraum comes from the size of the venue and means “one room”. It is the brainchild of Michael Meyer, gastronomer with heart & passion and Felix Kaltenthaler, an up-and-coming distiller par excellence. Both are well-known in the bar world.

They had the idea to create a living room feel-good atmosphere paired with good drinks and great service.

To enter Einraum you have to ring a bell, which I always appreciate. You are greeted personally and guided to your seat. The first impression is important and is often underestimated – especially when you’re starting a new concept away from the big city lights, And, no disrespect intended to the people of Worms, regarding serious drinking, education was, and is, needed there. Speaking of education…how does further education work for the bartenders in a small town? The city of Worms is not exactly sexy and an attraction for former bartenders. So Einraum’s bar team is growing together and staff development is supported by many employee training sessions. Felix Kaltenthaler’s international network on the one hand and the invitation of well-known brand ambassadors, on the other, also help.

The interior impresses with its cosiness. When I entered the room the huge wooden communal table caught my eye. The table and large bar counter are custom made, the wooden floor remained from the previous place. Furthermore, the inviting Chesterfield couch and the carpet are from Michael Meyers family estate. The venue can host around 30 people inside and when the nights are warm or you want to enjoy a cigarette, the bar has a spacious inner courtyard. 

pictures were provided by Einraum

The spotlight is certainly on the guests. Einraum is a friendly neighbourhood bar with uncomplicated drinks and you are guided safely through the entire evening.

Meyer told me that they use regional products for their drinks, only if they are convinced of the quality. Of course, in addition to the products from Kaltenthaler, the menu also includes a huge selection of wine, beer, lemonade and delicious bar food. The cocktails are their own creations tailored to the local audience and served in beautiful glassware.

What to drink? Maybe one of their playful variations on a 90s classic?  “Sand im Getriebe” (meaning sand in the gears) is a twist on a Sex on the beach. The drink calls for orange, papaya, kalamansi, maracuja, port wine, Fafnir vodka and is served as popsicle cocktail. Licked not drunk 😉

pictures were provided by Einraum

My first drink of choice was a Rum Manhattan and a grilled cheese sandwich. Followed by a rumtastic Espresso Martini, a crowd pleaser and one of the most popular drinks. This beauty was made with Revolte Overproof Rum, straightforward and full of flavour. What’s inside matters.


Describe the bar in three words I asked one of the guests. “Friendly, cosy, more often”, was the answer. I nodded in agreement.

Visit Einraum’s website and on Facebook for events