“Lost in the Pine” at the Kolokotroni 9

“Lost in the Pine” at the Kolokotroni 9

„In the Pine“ is this abso-fucking-lutly amazing drink of the Bartender of the Kolokotroni 9. It is a modification of an ingredient and it transfoms the drink into one of the best. This drink is already anchored in the depths of my taste memory. There is no disputing about taste but I am so in love with this subtle, elegant and powdery flavor. After the bartender posted his delicious creation yesterday when I was in Thessaloniki my first way leaded to Kolokotroni 9. I was curious if it will be the same taste. Because there are some more facts influencing the taste experience. The day before was already a taste sensation regarding the selection of Whiskies.

The city was still crowded due to the Carnival in Athens. I got the last seat at the bar counter. The water service is right there when you find your spot in the bar and the nibbles arrived too.  “In the Pine” is a Gin based drink and was served without asking. It was the same taste sensation, this guy is brilliant. He has a high level of accuracy and passion. The drinks are always decorated with love and devotion no matter how busy the bar is. Reliability and consistent quality is an important indicator of a good bar. The next drink that was served to me was also Gin based including also the pine but had a menthol flavor caused by adding Mastiha. Nice and fresh with a lovely decoration.

I did my barstalker job and watched the activities going on in the bar. Then I moved on to Baba au Rum my fixed star in the sky full of bars. It has become a very relaxing place. The week and yesterday was exhausting. I had a lot of drinks and not enough sleep. The bartender served me a refreshing Rum based drink with a lot of mint. A tiny Bourbon completed my visit.

I was time for Rehab, another bar on my list and a good name. The bar is located at the end of a passage. Drunk Sinatra another bar is situated in front. I’ve heard both bars are under the same ownership. It wasn’t love at first sight and I do not want to criticise but I was overwhelmed by the wild and chaotic interior. There is a huge fish tank, wild decorated tapestry at the walls, handblown glass, a bit marble, somehow 80s. Maybe there is a concept but not obvious to me. The barteam is dressed in doctor’s white coats and there are also some test tubes around. The menu is square, practical and good and in Greek. The very nice looking barmaid is half German and explained the drinks to me. They are “kinky” and far away from classical. I think I got the concept now. I took the Rum based drink with macadamia nut syrup, apple and ginseng. 99 % of the spirit is Rum.

A huge glass of water was placed in front of me and a bowl with salted popcorn arrived too. Popcorn is a great idea. The drink was served in an enormous glass with a lot of ice. I was sitting in front of those big glasses and a bit helpless how to manage this quantity. My drink is called the „Chamäleon Song“ and should change the taste over time. Meanwhile the ice melted I got a discomforting feeling. It was time to go. The Drinks are just that: interesting. But the Rehab was successful they got me to stop drinking alcohol.