Manhattan Bar – Classic, Cordial and Charming

Manhattan Bar – Classic, Cordial and Charming

There are so many bars to discover in Singapore. The Lion City is currently one of the most exciting destinations for cocktail & food enthusiasts. I was pleased and satisfied with the ones I visited. I have already started in Singapore with my Liquid City Guide. I will continue with the bars that touched my heart and taste buds, too. The ones that left me stirred (not shaken). Manhattan Bar, a remarkable night out with amazing hospitality and many excellent drinks. Cheers, and enjoy my further adventure in Singapore!

The drink that initially lured me to Singapore – great drinks attract me like a moth to a flame – was one of Manhattan’s signature cocktails. After I tried it during the Athens Bar Show it was crystal clear that I had to enjoy this very simple yet elegant twist on a Margarita at their bar counter in Singapore. This time the story begins with the recipe of the absolutely delicious Kerman. It is already anchored in the depths of my taste memory.

50 ml Tequila (Ocho)

30 ml Lime

25 ml homemade pistachio syrup 

Shaken and served in a coupette. Rim the glass with a mix of dried raspberry and salt.

On the second level of Regent Singapore you will find one of the best hotel bars in the world – classic, cordial and charming. 

I spent a long night at the bar counter with incredibly well-balanced drinks and a caring and hospitable bar team. The backbar leaves nothing to be desired. I especially liked the huge eye-catching clear block of ice. After all the technically highly skilled cocktails of the previous evening, my tastebuds were delighted by the aged spirits. The bar is 20s style with a Gatsby-Esque charm. The music and the dimmed lights enhance the atmosphere. The guests are a good mixture of hotel residents and locals. A place to forget your daily routine and relax.

Dive into the liquid cocktail history

Manhattan’s menu is inspired by the Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking. It is a journey through the main ages of the liquid cocktail history. Make your choice between classic, forgotten cocktails or craft cocktails. Drinks are served with a lot of style and are the perfect size. The warm popcorn accompaniment, served in a silver bowl, is unbeatable.

Drinks are a delight accompanied by gourmet bar bites. 

The bar team starts early in the day and do everything themselves. This reflects their dedication to offer the best drinks, service and ambience. They always smile and are attentive, not putting themselves in the foreground – a big trend in bars these days. When I told the story about the disgusting cheesecake I had on the airplane, I got the Big Apple Cheesecake. A beautiful piece of pastry art. I also had the Street Style Hot Dogs and Ceviche Tacos, lovely. And, as one might suppose, many delicious drinks! Every one was perfectly balanced and a great pleasure. As a big lover of Milk Punches, I opted for the clarified version of a Grasshopper with Mozart Dry Chocolate Spirit, Wondermint and Fernet-Branca. Have a look at my drinks gallery.

I visited there last April when Cedric Allen Mendoza was still there. We both loved the Greenpoint, a more recent riff on a Manhattan combining Rye Whiskey, Yellow Chartreuse, sweet Vermouth, Angostura and Orange bitters. Normally it is a stirred drink but I prefer mine thrown. Before we started to discuss the best technique, we let our palates be the judge. Firstly, both ways make you drunk. Secondly, the stirred one is more edgy, but the thrown version seems better stitched together. Thirdly, you cannot discuss taste. We had so much fun and I visited Cedric a couple of weeks later in his new workplace at the Four Seasons Hotel – Sydney’s highly regarded Grain Bar – for another Greenpoint 😉

Not only a barThere is much more to discover

A bit away from the actual bar-happening there are some side rooms where magic happens, too. You will find the world’s first in-hotel rickhouse – a storage space for barrels during the aging process.


I was very impressed, it holds more than 100 barrels and some hold signatures of bar luminaries who contributed their own mix to Manhattan. From the menu, you can choose one of the mixes of reconstructed classics that have rested in the oak barrels to develop flavour and character. Guess, which one was my choice! Roku Gin, Maraschino liqueur, clarified lemon, creme de violette make a delicious …. Aviation. Another room holds house-made cocktail ingredients from all over the world. Jars of herbs, spices, fruits and roots are lined up. The preparation room serves for Gin & Tonic tastings and you can also try the different aging stages of a Negroni. A playground for bartenders and connoisseurs. There are also private rooms for special occasions available. From rye to bourbon and moonshine, Manhattan invites guests to get acquainted with the world of American whiskies through its 2017 launched American Whiskey Embassy programme.  

I often wonder how some bars made it into the top lists but at Manhattan it is pretty obvious. They made it with their true hospitality, perfection and craftsmanship. The most important thing are their guests.

This was one of my adventures, which showed me that it is worth investing so much time, money and love in my passion. The best reward is appreciation and caring; making the guest have a good time. Thank you very much for this unforgettable experience.

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