Cocktails & Cinema – “Autumn in New York” by Mario Farulla

Cocktails & Cinema  – “Autumn in New York” by Mario Farulla

One of my highlights of last year was the Roma Bar Show, and one of my nightlights in Rome was my visit to Baccano. During the Roma Bar Show, Italy had wonderful news about Mario Farulla’s Baccano in Rome which entered The World’s 50 Best Bars in 70th position.

You will find Baccano just steps away from the Trevi Fountain. Baccano is a Mediterranean bistrot concept orchestrating food and drinks in a sophisticated way. Delicious plates and elegant cocktails are a harmonious mixture. On the shelves you will find a small selection of gin, lots of whisky and even more aperitivi. Behind the bar, an attentive and friendly bar team is waiting for you. I had a perfect Sbagliato made by Italian bar manager Mario Farulla,  delicious food and of course more drinks. The Baccano cocktail bar is also a high-class Martini Bar. A must-try: The Baccano Martini cocktails together with seafood.

 It is a perfect balance between tradition and creativity, a must-visit for cocktail lovers.

Here is a signature drink by Mario Farulla. Inspired by the movie “Autumn in New York” directed by Joan Chen in 2000. The story of Will Keane, who falls in love, maybe for the very first time in life, with young and sensitive Charlotte, the daughter of one of his old loves. Jefferson’s Ocean bourbon, aged at sea, has been chosen because it’s mature and strong like Richard Gere in the movie. The ice, perfumed with hibiscus, is spiced and pink like the young protagonist, performed by Winona Ryder. Here comes the recipe. Salute!

60 ml Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea bourbon
Ginger Ale

Ice made with hibiscus tea


Pour the bourbon directly into the low tumbler glass over ice and fill with Ginger Ale.

Hibiscus tea ice:

First prepare the tea, wait for it to cool down and then place it in a freezer in ice moulds. Once in the drink, as soon as it starts to melt, it will release sweet scents of hibiscus, also changing the drink’s colour to a light pink.

Pictures were provided by Andrea Di Lorenzo