My first Jack Rose

My first Jack Rose

There are lots of small and big stories about the Jack Rose Cocktail. My story is short and easy like the alcoholic content of this drink. Classic drinks are served at the Immertreu Bar in Berlin. You will find many rarities and long-forgotten recipes. The main focus is the spirit, supported by vermouth, bitters, acidity and sweetness. “Serious Drinking” is one of its ethos, and the owner, Ricardo Albrecht, is an institution in the bar world. This bar is, in fact, my all time favourite due to its hospitality and consistency. Even if Ricardo is my liver’s worst nightmare. 😉

That evening, I started with a more or less innocent champagne. Not that innocent, because the Champagne you get is far away from the mainstream and, like always, very tasty. I had a glass of Lelarge-Pugeot Réserve Brut (2008 Zero Dosage). First, a light marzipan flavour, then a lot of champagne. Delicious! Usually, I am not a big fan of champagne outside of cocktails, but Immertreu is the best place for “serious drinking” education as well.

It was time to finish the evening with a cocktail. There were already some nosing glasses in front of me and the plan was to have one drink and an early goodbye. So far so good. Actually, my intention was to have a light drink, this plan failed. A large amount of Apple Brandy with 50% vol was the main spirit of my first Jack Rose. Basically, it is a light cocktail with acidity and sweetness. At Immertreu, it’s a bit more “boozy” which, in the end, I preferred. Let’s finish this short post with a quote from Charles Bukowski.

Find what you love and let it kill you.

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