Sieferle & Sailer – close to the bartender

Sieferle & Sailer – close to the bartender

After my first impression on Saturday I returned to the bar on a calm Monday night. It was a very sunny and warm day, I had visited a good friend and now I was craving for a dark and warm good-night-drink. Most people prefer to sit outside in the summer time and I am pleased that there are free spots at the bar.

Paul Sieferle was behind the sticks. Friendly, competent, well dressed and relaxed. Somehow, I felt like John Wayne in the 50s. The Psychodelic drink from the menu looked exciting. Dried bananas, port wine and Menthe. In fact, psychedelic, powerfull with sweetness and then a chilly shiver.

The drinks really have some hair on their chests.

They use linnen napkins as a coaster. Luckily not the rather cheap black paper napkins which look ugly within a minute and stick to the glass when you take your second swig. This is a very small but important detail, and often underestimated. The black olives were served in a small bowl and for the pits you get an extra bowl, a very pragmatic solution. The guys pay attention to every small detail.

I already reported about the artistic menu and they told me that they sell this piece of art for 30 Euros. A very good idea and I am thinking about buying one after I have tried all the drinks. For my second drink I opted for a classic Boulevadier. It came with a square ice cube and also had some hair on its chest. I would definitly become a regular if I lived close by. For my last drink I got a shot of 114 Old Grand Dad. A bourbon for strong guys with a full body. I smelled the bourbon first but the taste had more of a rye character, spicyness and fire. I definitly like it.

Due to the size of the bar counter your are physically closer to the bartender and the preparation of your drink. The communication is great and I am really thrilled with this concept!!!