Toddy Tapper in Cologne – Discovering the Delights of Sri Lanka

Toddy Tapper in Cologne – Discovering the Delights of Sri Lanka

Since 2016, Toddy Tapper, nestled in the heart of Agnesviertel, has been infusing the bar scene with the vibrant essence of Sri Lanka – the iconic arrack. The menu at Toddy Tapper is a delightful symphony of exotic spices intertwined with the country’s signature spirit, distilled from fermented palm nectar. Remarkably, arrack predates both rum and whisky, making it one of the most ancient libations known to humanity. Step into Toddy Tapper, and you’ll find yourself immersed in an unparalleled experience. Among all the bars in Europe, and quite possibly the world, this hidden gem boasts the highest consumption of arrack. But it’s not just about the spirited drink; it’s a celebration of culture, a fusion of flavours, and a masterful display of hospitality. Having revisited the place recently, I was utterly astonished that Toddy Tapper hadn’t already earned its rightful spot on my bar recommendation list. It’s time to shine a spotlight on this delightful haven that exemplifies the art of blending the exotic with the inviting.

Arrack in his luggage. 

Indika Silva, founder of Toddy Tapper bar in Cologne, brought Sri Lanka’s authentic flavours, including the national drink arrack, to Germany, creating a unique and memorable experience for all.

Indika Silva’s decisive impact on Cologne’s bar world stems from his recipe for success: “Hold onto visions, turn them into reality, and continuously adapt.” During our interview for the Deutsche Barkeeper Union e.V. (DBU), he revealed how this mindset led him to open his own bar, Toddy Tapper, a space that embodies his creative flair and celebrates his Sri Lankan heritage. In 2016, he opened Toddy Tapper, named after the workers who climb palm trees in an adventurous and acrobatic way to collect the palm nectar. His path was as adventurous as it was marked by hard work. At the age of 29, he came from Sri Lanka to Germany and first attended a language course and worked in a large kitchen. In his early 30s, he began his qualified professional training in the hotel and hospitality business at the 5-star Hotel Savoy in Cologne. Throughout the years, he graced renowned establishments like Shepheards and Spirits, all the while on a quest to find the perfect spot for his own bar. This, however, is just a glimpse of the remarkable tale that lies within his impressive CV.

Welcome to Toddy Tapper, where an exotic culinary journey awaits your taste buds, served in exquisite and one-of-a-kind vessels that delight your eyes as much as your palate. It’s a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Step into a world where modern meets tradition and warmth embraces you at every turn. The cozy venue boasts a grand, polished wooden bar and shimmering brass pendant lights. Tropical-themed decor pays homage to Toddy’s roots. With various seating options, including bar stools, a snug lower area, and spacious high tables, there’s a spot for everyone. And for sunny days, there’s an outdoor space. Casual and inviting, this bar welcomes both locals and travellers seeking a distinctive drinking experience. Get ready to sip and savour in a truly unique setting.

The concept seamlessly flows into the menu and drink selections, creating an unforgettable experience. Here’s a secret you must know: no matter which drink you opt for, they are all masterfully balanced and presented in stunning vessels and decoration that will leave you pleasantly surprised. Of course, arrack takes centre stage on the menu, featuring in a variety of tantalising concoctions. Take, for instance, the Heritance, a delightful fusion of arrack with passion fruit, coconut, tangy tamarind and zesty lime. And let’s not forget the crowd-pleasing Ceylon Mule, a captivating blend of arrack with palm sugar syrup, yuzu jam, a splash of lime juice, topped with ginger beer. My favourite of this night was The Irishman – calamansi, pistachios, spices, citrus, ginger beer, Irish whiskey and on top Turkish pistachio cotton candy (Pismaniye). Each sip is an adventure, and every drink is a work of art and most importantly, I would drink them all again. Cheers to an unforgettable drinking escapade, here’s my gallery.


Toddy Tapper now brings the enchanting experience to your doorstep with its bottled cocktails.

Ready for a little extra treat? Bottled cocktails for you to savour at home. Order in the Toddy Tapper online shop or embark on a delightful journey to its charming little cocktail boutique nestled at Kyffhäuserstrasse 50 in the heart of Cologne.