A Journal About The Art of Fine Drinking

A Journal About The Art of Fine Drinking

This magazine is like a perfect drink. It looks amazing, it feels very comfortable in your hand and the smell is tempting.

The illustration of the cover is wonderful. If you open this masterpiece and take a look inside, you taste the spirit, you feel the love behind every single component. Look behind the scenes in “The Mystery of Cocktail Bitters” and learn how to make the homemade Bergamot Bitters of Baba Au Rum. Travel to Cuba, feel the sun and enjoy some Havana inspired cocktails. Explore the tiki era with Helena Tiare Olsen. Her blog “A Mountain of Crushed Ice” is all about rum, tiki drinks and more.

This is a perfectly balanced experience. Take your time and enjoy “the bliss of being offline” for a while.

I’am very proud to be a contributor of this second issue. You will find the adventure of Thanos, Elias and me “In the sunny capital of the North”, when we met at the Oslo Bar Show this summer. From Greece the Fine Drinking Magazine is for me the most authentic magazine of the moment regarding cocktails and the art of drinking. And on top, this magazine is published by Baba Au Rum of Athens, one of my favourite bars.

Fine Drinking Magazine is a quarterly print edition about the Cocktail & Bar culture. Subscribe with a simple email at: fine@babaaurum.com