Bar XIII – difficult Adventure

Well, I was thinking not to write about bars I didn’t like too much. Especially when the bar was crowned as the best bar in town. My adventures are based on my subjective assessment, my own standards and depend also on my mood. However, compared to the other bars I visited in Riga this trip was unfortunately disappointing.

Despite the nice presentation of the drinks, the logo on the ice cube, the leather mat for the drink, the skilled bartender and the linen towels in the toilets, I was really disappointed by the snooty service and the flat drinks.

The bar is situated in the Art Nouveau district of Riga. The facades of the building are beautiful and the cars in front of the houses shows their wealthy residents. The bar exists for two years now. The number 13 was the back number of the owners Latvian football jersey. He made his dream come true and opened a bar like in London. The interior design is more of Art Deco but reminded me with the carpet more of a furniture shop. Eye catching is the huge painting of a woman. The bar counter itself has only 4 seats and was already occupied. All guests were well dressed. With 13 Euros per cocktail it is the most expensive bar in Riga and that is the reason for the highclass guests. I also noticed a few more spirits on the shelves than in the other bars. There was no feel-good factor for me and “The drunk Healer” did not contibute to a healing. Fortunately, the bar The Left Door is just around the corner.