“Rinascimento Vrbino” by Nicola Righi

“Rinascimento Vrbino” by Nicola Righi

Do you need some drinkspiration from Italy? “Rinascimento Vrbino” is the brand new cocktail by Nicola Righi, owner and barman of Santeria The Old Twenties cocktail bar in Urbino, Italy. The drink is inspired by artist Raffaello Sanzio.

An original cocktail, inspired by the genius of Raffaello Sanzio, the painter who most represents Urbino, cradle of the Rinascimento and beloved birthplace of the barman Nicola Righi, who has created a twist, a reinterpretation of a Martini Cocktail. A drink that best represents Raffaello Sanzio, for his fame as a great lover, to which Righi added a sweet note of honey, to recall his brushstrokes and the unmistakable aroma of lavender, as unique as his paintings. A balanced drink, starting with the choice of gin, the English Single Estate Ramsbury: its hint of juniper and the fruity note of quince are delicately infused and perfectly matched with lavender and the strong characterization of wild fennel and rosehip, the hallmark of Italian OSCAR.697 Extra Dry vermouth. The 30-year-old Nicola Righi, the barman and owner of the Santeria The Old Twenties cocktail bar in Urbino, created the drink. After graduating from the hotel school in Piobbico (PU), Righi takes his first steps behind the counter of the family bar at the age of 16, starting to travel for work and passion, passing through Dublin, Cuba, the Canary Islands, Milan and London, and then return to Urbino.

Sounds tempting? Here comes the recipe. Salute!

4.5 cl Ramsbury Gin
2 cl OSCAR.697 Vermouth Extra Dry
1\2 bar spoon of honey
1\2 bar spoon of lavender flowers

Glass: Martini glass
Garnish: Lavender flower

Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass, add ice and mix for 30 – 40 seconds. Pour into the previously frozen Martini glass, with the help of a strainer and a colander and garnish with lavender flower.

Text and pictures were provided by Carlo Dutto, carlodutto@hotmail.it