Sip Sip Hooray – The Festival of Artisanal Drinking is back

Sip Sip Hooray – The Festival of Artisanal Drinking is back

Craft Cocktails Festival is a sophisticated four-day event with local spirits from Berlin and the vicinity. It is a combination of the most ambitious and innovative bars of the Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Friedrichshain neighbourhoods. Selected bars use this event to present drinks with heart and soul.

From 27th February – 2nd March the focus is on handcrafted spirits.

Nowadays, craft spirits have a strong reputation in the bar scene. Every year, Berlin organises a Craft Spirits Festival, Destille Berlin. Destille Berlin is Europe’s most important trade fair for handcrafted spirits. It brings together craft distillers with restaurateurs, retail and wholesale buyers, and F&B managers. At the same time, Destille Berlin is open to the non-professional public and passionate connoisseurs. An ambitious programme makes the event even more attractive.

Artisanal spirits, regionally sourced. They are all handcrafted, contain only natural ingredients, and are made by independent producers.

Robert Schröter, who has worked with the founders of the Craft Spirits Festival is the organiser of the Craft Cocktails Festival. Schröter’s goal is to enhance knowledge of the bar scene and to take that knowledge straight into bars. For this reason, he founded Craft Cocktails Festival in order to combine the most innovative and ambitious Kreuzberg, Neukölln and now also Friedrichshain bars. The festival is growing, this year 19 locations are taking part and the area has been extended to include Friedrichshain. Originally Kreuzkölln was the epicentre of the event. I am particularly pleased about the participation of Timber Doodle, Sake Kontor and Bar Wagemut. And one more thing is different there is a very interesting and educational programme this year. The Cocktail Passport has remained. My target for the upcoming days is to win a cocktail course. For this, you need 5 stamps in your Cocktail Passport and a bit of luck.

Craft cocktails are all the rage right now, they are made with passion, skill and love greater than the sum of all their parts. This is your opportunity to learn more.

Selected bars and locations with different concepts are taking part, showcasing their diversity, to make it an exciting experience for cocktail connoisseurs and wannabes.

What do all the bars have in common? They all have a welcoming and open atmosphere and keep an eye out for regionally distinctive and non-corporate spirits. Berlin’s bars are spread around the city. The big advantage of the festival is that most of the bars are located in walking distance. More details about the event are here. Watch out on Instagram for the locations where the magic is going to happen. One last word “Drink responsibly”!