Let’s talk Polugar today – Russia’s true spirit legacy

Let’s talk Polugar today – Russia’s true spirit legacy

Some people ask me which drinks I prefer. It’s not an easy question to answer because it depends mainly on my mood or the food I have eaten. But there are some drinks that stay in my mind and I can always recall their taste: just like a little tattoo on my taste buds.

This drink, I have met twice in two different countries in two totally different bars. The first time it was at El Copitas in St. Petersburg where Benjamin F. Cavagna and Marco Russo, the brains behind the 1930 Cocktail Bar in Milan, had a guestshift. Le Borbone is impeccably built using Polugar Cherry, PX Sherry, Campari and Old Tom Gin. By adding a few drops of balsamic vinegar, the bartender gave it some extra Italian individuality and rounded off the drink with a pleasant acidity. This concoction was amazing and I couldn’t resist having another one. The second time I met the drink was in Athens where the brand ambassadors for Polugar had adopted the recipe.

But have you ever heard of Polugar before? Polugar is a bread wine and has a long history.

This time I asked for the details. Read the whole story about Polugar and one of my favourite drinks on bitterbooze.com

Some pictures and details were provided by © Polugar