Sieferle & Sailer – In Love 💗 Simple As That

Sieferle & Sailer – In Love 💗 Simple As That

My enthusiasm is infinte. I am sitting again in the Sieferle & Sailer bar. A real cocktail bar in Mannheim, unbelievable! I am not getting tired of saying how wonderful this bar is. You feel welcome, home and somehow timeless. In front of me the bar menu and the decision as to what to try next. At that moment I liked the Razorfade with whiskey, absinthe and green walnut liqueur the most. The drink is built like a Rapscallion from the three ingredients: whisky, PX Sherry and absinthe. Three strong characters building a very complex concoction. The sherry is replaced by a green walnut liqueur, a local product using the process of maceration with herbs and spices and is aged in Sauternes barrels. The drink benefits from the bitter and spicy note and is as complex and exciting as its origin.

The Cross Contour reflects a Margarita. The tiny flower becomes a big bunch of aromas. The Lapsang Souchong infused tequila is responsible for the smoky taste and the pimento provides some spiciness. A perfectly balanced drink and my favourit so far. The drinks are so different that everyone finds his favourite according to taste, desire and mood. When I visited the bar at another time I tried the Slickback that is more like a lemonade for me because of the ginger beer. But I was in a mood for a softer drink. Nevertheless it comes with a lot of earthiness and substance due to the mezcal. Coconut, lime and salt round out the flavour. The drink comes in a fancy skull. I was out for dinner with a friend and convinced her to have a proper cocktail after. Usually she is not very keen on bars and her comments were very entertaining. Without any warning I offered her a sip of my drink, the response was immediate. “Ahhh, that tastes like moldy earth”. I liked it, but more for the beetroot and mezcal.

I still haven’t tried three drinks from the menu. This doesn’t mean I had no more creations. Some drinks really have hair on their chests but you also find beautiful and tender drinks like a lady. Spruce needle hits sophisticated mango brandy, gets some acidity, vermouth and maraschino. First thing I noticed was a powdery smell and I was immediately blown away.  The drink had many fine nuances and reminded me of France, of the Côte d’Azur. Very good recommendation indeed. I enjoyed every sip of it. Great! The day before, I already had a lighter drink with quince and Byrrh, and it was also very well balanced.

This is a really perfect bar for me and this is because host, bartender and mixologist are all united in one person.

And if that person pours the last remains of a bottle into another bottle just to give you this bottle, because you find it so beautiful, then there is nothing more to say.