Shopping for Düsseldorf’s Discerning Drinkers – Booze & Bubbles

Shopping for Düsseldorf’s Discerning Drinkers – Booze & Bubbles

Where can you shop for good spirits in Düsseldorf? A question many acquaintances and colleagues ask me now and then. Dear home bartenders, lovers of good spirits and champagne lovers off the beaten track, here come my two favourite shops.

SpiritBomb – Bombastic Booze & Tastings

Spiritbomb is a liquor shop located in the district Bilk at Karolingerstraße 100. A great shop with a huge choice from agave to whisky. The friendly owner Fabian Hess impresses with his knowledgeable consulting, his love of spirits and his personal stories about them. Anyone who is passionate about spirits shouldn’t miss a visit to Spiritbombs. Great products and small tasters are waiting for you. Shopping here is a great experience.

Direct Link to the website, and do not miss the funny posts and tasting dates on Insta.


Concept Store everChamp – Fine and Selected bubbles

I have the pleasure of a specialist champagne shop nearby. The shelves are stocked with selected winemaker champagnes and sparkling wines that come directly to Düsseldorf from small vineyards. Authentic sparkling wines that embody the true expression of the terroir and personal contact with the producers characterise the store. I recently treated myself to a few bottles and was given excellent advice by the owner and expert Petra Voigtmann. My preferences were immediately understood and the recommendations were very tasty. 

As “Learning by Drinking” is my motto I booked one of the much requested tastings in February 2023 and I can already say that I learned a lot and increased my understanding and appreciation of terroir and other influences such as the grapes, winemaking, disgorging and dosage. Champagne tickles all the senses, you can hear it, see it, smell it, taste it and feel it.

Biggest take-away: There is champagne for every occasion. Best advice from our host: never wait for the right moment to open a bottle of champagne but enjoy every moment as something special and then it is the right moment to open a bottle. Simple as that.

Champagne is a small micro-cosmos that is well worth dipping into. Champagne is the most famous sparkling wine in the world and delights with its different styles, makes and variety. The owner of everchamp Petra Voigtmann has created a brand-free zone, apart from the mainstream consciousness of champagne, in her small shop where you can explore the products of small vintners and family-run businesses. In her shop you can also find everything you could possibly need around champagne. From glasses to the tea towels to fitting literature. 

A great tasting with a lot of knowledge transfer accompanied by aromatic bread, demi-sel butter and a sumptuous étagère of charcuterie and fromage. You will leave the event after the numerous samples very bubbly and happy. Warmly recommended. 

Champagne? Why not more often? Click here to visit the website