IHRO – Mannheim has a new bar

IHRO – Mannheim has a new bar

This is going to be a love story to my home city and the growing variety of bars in the region. Bar lovers be aware, there is a new bar in town. I had the pleasure to sit at Ihro’s bar counter before the opening. But now it is official: Mannheim has a new bar!

This place was love at first sight. It is located in the middle of Jungbusch, Mannheim’s vivid neighbourhood. Asian purism meets a multicultural neighbourhood, a perfect contrast. A couple of friends, a dream, a project, a new business. They have brought all their ideas from the last decade together and have created their first own bar.

IHRO is the perfect combination of intimacy, energy and good conversation.

I was home for a weekend and forced my best friend to join me for a bar adventure. I told her that I had heard that there was something going on. We walked down Kirchenstraße and I stopped in front of an unobtrusive house entrance with IHRO written on the doorbell. It isn’t a speakeasy by the way (just a scatterbrained Barstalker on her way). The entrance to the bar is unmistakable from the street, but I took the back door. I looked into the very surprised face of the bartender, but before I could explain myself I saw the familiar face of Jonathan Keßeler. We have known each other for a couple of years now. He is a bartender, bar-owner and managing partner of Kosmopolit GmbH, which refines existing bar concepts and develops new projects. We started to laugh and he gave me a tour through the venue.

What awaits you at Ihro is as simple as this: minimalist, clean, elegant and avant-garde.

The room is spacious and divided into the bar section, a room with a solid wooden table for bigger gatherings, the kitchen and the washrooms. The in-house lab is hidden in the cellar. It can host around thirty-two guests. Minimalist, clean, elegant and avant-garde: the bar is reduced to the essential, nothing distracts. Concrete walls, dried flowers, wood and polished metal. Nothing is left to chance with attention paid to every detail. Every room has a different smell, the washrooms have fresh citrus notes, the bar exudes a cosy woody touch.


The comfortable seating at the bar is excellent. You sit on normal height chairs, which I always find very pleasant and relaxing. However, the best thing is that you have a perfect view of the bartenders’ hands doing their magic. You can look forward to an extraordinary bar visit.

Time to let the drinks do the talking

The holistic concept continues in the menu and spirit selection. The menu lists eight signature drinks and four classics. A nice detail is that you can have the classics in two sizes, regular or baby size. The ice cubes are crystal clear, the glassware is simple. Focus is on taste, no brands, no back bar. The recipes have rough edges, and are both seasonal and powerful. The team is pleased to tailor the drinks to your needs. They have spent many hours on preparation and the result is uber delicious. The simplicity of the drinks impresses, with three to four ingredients and minimal decoration.

Innovative and crafted cocktails are served in a stylish and sophisticated drinking den. Drinks are precise and pointed.

Jonathan pleased me with a Milk Punch, that had a nice mouthfeel, richness and great aroma. Of course, I had a couple more drinks. Cherry, Wood and Patchouli was a palate pleaser. Patchouli is not easy to measure. The drinks at Ihro are well balanced and to the point. Can’t wait for my next visit!

Hungry? Order the delicious Dim Sum

They pay attention to every single detail. Barfood is an essential component to round off your concept especially when serving powerful drinks. Focus on one thing and make this perfect is a great idea and is masterfully implemented at Ihro. The small and exclusive dumplings are the perfect playmates to the lovely drinks.

Low waste – Bar with a conscience

One of the major environmental issues we have nowadays is how to significantly reduce the amount of waste that we produce every day. “Every evening, waste and garbage fits exactly into two hands, and everything else is drunk or eaten,” Jonathan told me proudly.

This place is great. Reduction to the essential, and this means that the essential must be perfect because nothing else attracts attention. Mannheim, my hidden beauty, my home, I am super happy finding another comfy bar seat. Seats are limited, I would recommend sending a small message in advance to PROST@IHRO-BAR.DE