Alexander Sourbatis booked a one-way ticket to Frankfurt

Alexander Sourbatis booked a one-way ticket to Frankfurt

I had an interesting coffee-talk with one of my favourite bartenders, Alexander Sourbatis, in his new adopted city. Alexander has established new bar concepts and has worked in well-known bars as bar manager and has greatly influenced the Greek bar scene. He is an experienced and educated bartender. He passed the BAR 5-Day™ Program in New York and is one of the BAR® Certificate Holders.

Alexander Sourbatis describes himself as a whisky addict and rum lover, cocktail enthusiast, and pain in the ass bar manager. After finishing school, he studied electronic engineering & computer science but didn’t like it much. While he was studying he always worked as a bartender.

After school, I started to play with shakers and have never stopped.

He was born in 1984, is married, and has two beautiful daughters. His career milestones: Chania in Crete for six years, one year in Glyfada, one year at Shepheard in Cologne, back to Thessaloniki to work two and a half years at La Doze, two years at Vogatsikou 3, he managed Spinte and opened the B.A.R. Lab, went to Athens as head bartender of Mary Pickford and has recently started work at Hunky Dory in Frankfurt.

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