Ready for Baba au Rum Pop Up Bar in Thessaloniki

Ready for Baba au Rum Pop Up Bar in Thessaloniki

It is about time to report about my excellent stay in Thessaloniki. Usually I write my blog post the next day but I was constantly busy and completely overwhelmed by the numerous sensations. The main reason for this trip was to visit the Pop Up Bar of my favorite bar in Athens Baba Au Rum.ย Another reason was the guest shift of Alex Kratena in the barย Vogatsikou 3. What I did not know at this time was that I also would attend his seminar. Alexander Sourbatis informed me the week before that he organised a ticket for me. What a great guy!!!

I started my adventure well equipped by Ricardo with two rare bottles of Rum. The guy whom I met the last time in Spinte (the Whiskybar in Thessaloniki) sharing the same passion, picked me up at the airport. I stayed in the cosy apartment of his sister and everythig was nicely prepared for my arrival. I arrived on Tuesday just in time for the opening. But first of all I went to Spinte Whiskybar to deliver Alexander the bottle of Rum and have a “Seelbach” as a starter for the night. Alexander and Ricardo are making the perfect Seelbachs! After saying hello to a couple of Greek bartenders including the winner of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition, I got on the scooter of Alexander and we both drove to the Piccadilly Club where the pop up bar found its place on the second floor. On the first floor is a club where I had been last time. The second floor was at that time a messy storage room. Now I found an absolutly perfect bar. Two bar counters, cosy seating areas, nice lamps, the same wallpaper like in Athens and a small kitchen. I definitely was (and still be) impressed by what has been achieved. They’ve done an outstanding job. I forgot to mention that I already met some of the team members at the baggage claim in the morning. This was an excellent evening with a lot of “Daiquiris” and it became even more perfect as the best bartender of the World appeared. The friendly and modest Alex Kratena with his warm and friendly smile. I said hello and some other things ๐Ÿ˜‰ to him. I left before dawn because of the seminar on the next day. So, that was the end of the first day and the beginning of a fantastic adventure in Thessaloniki.

Nice and professional pictures of the Pop UP Bar.





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